New! Tattoo Prodigies 2

Tattoo Prodigies 2__md

We are excited to announce that the long awaited book, “Tattoo Prodigies 2: A Collection of the Best Tattoos by the World’s Best Tattoo Artists” is now available! This book is a high quality, hard bound coffee table book that is 10 inches wide by 13 inches tall, all 600 pages are printed in full color. Includes 170 hand picked artists with over 2000 photos and 68 interviews! In this day and age, talented artists abound in the tattoo world. Tattoo Prodigies 2 features the world’s best tattoo artists with carefully selected, full-color galleries of impressive tattoo and painting accomplishments; as well as inspiring stories and interviews throughout. Not only is this book eye candy for ink collectors and artists alike, the content is sure to motivate those seeking to advance and learn. Pick up your copy today and enjoy an inspiring journey through the pages of abundant tattoo treasures.

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