New! Tadu Daily Moisturizing Lotion

We now carry Tadu Daily Moisturizer with SPF 35+ it’s the next generation in skin care evolution. Combining the protective elements of sunscreen, with the hydrating benefits of a daily moisturizing lotion, TADU is specially formulated to handle the most sensitive of skin types: healed, tattooed skin. Unlike other greasy, uncomfortable sunscreens, TADU provides daily skin protection in the form of moisturizing lotion. Designed to be gentle enough for use on tattoos, your face, as well as your whole body, TADU combines all your daily skin care needs in one bottle.

Protect Your Investment…Tattoos can range anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to a few months to a few years to complete. As you can imagine, tattoos can get quite costly and people today are walking around with a lot of money invested on their bodies. When something is expensive or meaningful in life, we generally get insurance to protect ourselves, from our health to cars to homes. Tattoos are no different. Today, a tattoo is a custom, meaningful work of priceless art, most often commemorating a certain time, feeling, person, or expression in someone’s life. Tattoos are eternal, to be viewed daily, expressing yourself to others, or drawing emotion for yourself. You invested in you’re tattoo because it means something to you. It should be protected and preserved daily at all costs. TADU is the ultimate way to protect your investment…TADU: The ultimate in daily tattoo defense…

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